Failed Expectations

Miracle in the making

Date: Dec 15, 2019
Preached by: Pr. Joshua Paul

As we reach the end of the year, there is always an sense of guilt that this year didn’t go the way we expected. We wished to see our dreams, goals and expectations happen this year but unfortunately it hasn’t. In situations like these we might wonder; Has God abandoned me ? or Is he still working in my life ?

Questions may pound our heart making us leave discouraged and hopeless about the coming year.

In the Bible, there’s a character called Gideon who goes through similar situation; he had expectation but it wasn’t fulfilled for a period of time. There are some very valuable lessons we can learn from the life of Gideon about failed expectations.

In this sermon, Pastor Joshua shares valuable insights from the Life of Gideon.

Listen, share and be blessed.

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