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Learning to Navigate everyday challenges of life through the power of God’s word.

We live in times when we need God’s wisdom more than ever to tackle the challenges that we face in our everyday life. And in pursuit of find the truth, we often turn to self-help books and gurus who seem to offer help but help that doesn’t really help. But the Bible offers us amazing solutions for everything that we are facing in our world today.

As you join our Life group session, we will take you through four-six week study on passages of scripture and teach you how to handle every situation in life.

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List of Life Groups

  • THE SACRED SEARCH – Dating & Preparing for Marriage by Gary Thomas

If you are someone who is in a relationship now but are not sure if you are with the right one, and if you are some preparing for marriage, this is for you.

Join this small group to learn about choosing the right partner for you life, infatuation versus true love and dealing with prophecy in relationships.